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Eighty Sita unites
compassion & participation
in our storytelling.


Aggie and Charlotte have joined forces to create inspiring, empowering and participatory storytelling.

CHARLOTTE SAWYER is a Documentary Filmmaker who captures cinematic stories that cross cultures and boundaries. With a First Class Degree in Law and Community Theatre, Charlotte combines community advocacy and facilitation skills with filmmaking to convey human-centred journeys.
For the past ten years Charlotte has built trust with contributors in conflict zones and areas vulnerable to climate change, mostly notably Iraq, Ethiopia and Nigeria. As a Shooting Producer Director, Charlotte has created documentaries used for advocacy with Oxfam Iraq and music documentaries in Taiwan. Her portfolio of films include independent documentary films, NGO online campaigns and brand films. 

AGGIE NYAGARI is an award winning filmmaker who’s worked as a Producer and Director creating films and TV shows for broadcast television, online streamers and cinema release films. Aggie enjoys working with actors and being on set in the midst of the action. She has made films and TV shows for national and international broadcasters online streamers. Her Kenyan background, upbringing and influence has enriched her filmmaking style, her narrative-telling and approach to tackling different obstacles and with people from different cultures and with varying abilities.  

She has made content that has been recognized and awarded in different countries for resonating with its audiences, tackling social issues whilst still being entertaining and engaging. Examples include the disability film LISILOJULIKANA (The Unknown) which won the Dodie Spittal Award in Calgary, Canada, in 2018, and crime-comedy series JANJARUKA ( Wisen Up) which garnered over 2 million views on its YouTube channel. 

Aggie and Charlotte have joined forces to create inspiring, empowering and participatory storytelling


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