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You can help us to share this film by organising a community screening and donating

to our distribution campaign.

Donate Now


This film is an independent production and a labour of love by the filmmakers involved.


Your donation will go to Eighty Sita Productions to a distribution pot that will help us to pay for a cinema rating, PR and promotional materials. These costs are in the thousands and every little can help.


Thanks for submitting!


We are so excited by the number of people who care about our rivers. Thank you for your interest in organising a community screening near you!

Are you launching a local campaign? The hope for this film is that it can gather communities, river lovers and campaigners across the UK to spark a conversation that can lead to change. 

Here's some key information to host a successful film screening event:

Select Your Venue:

The best environment is in the cinema! Your local cinema might be interested in programming your film or allowing you to rent the cinema privately. Ticket sales or sponsorship from a local business can overcome the financial hurdle. Alternatively, other venues like your local library, school, community centre, or university may have the facilities.


Screening License:

Our vision is for communities to see the film without financial barriers. If you are not charging for attendance then we have a free community screening licence with a suggested £100 donation. Your donations go directly to recovering the cost of the film.


If you are charging for attendance then the licence fee is 50% of ticket sales with a minimum charge of £100 per screening.  

Booking the filmmakers to speak:

Another way you can support this film is to book Charlotte or Aggie to speak at your screening for a fee of £350 plus expenses. We can tell you about how we came upon this story, our passion for our gorgeous local swimming spot and how we wove together a tapestry of stories of people who love their river.


Promotion and Marketing:

We can provide you with posters, flyers and shares on social media posts to spread the word. Connect with your local organisations, wild swimming groups, and campaigners to expand your reach.


Accessing the Film:

We will provide you with a streaming link for the event.

For cinema screenings, we can provide a DCP (Digital Cinema Package).


Running a Q&A/Workshop:

We encourage you to hold a conversation after your screening. You could invite a local water quality campaigner to talk about their campaign, or contact someone through the Rivers Trust, Surfers Against Sewage to give a talk. Please get in touch if you would like someone featured in the film to deliver a talk.

Post-Event Follow-Up:

Share your experience with us! Please take a few pictures if you can, tell us how many people attended and the discussion points.


Remember, community screenings are not just about watching a film; they're about fostering connections, raising awareness, and inspiring positive action. Best of luck with your river-focused film screenings!


If you need guidance on running the event, feel free to get in touch with us.

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